We'll be back soon!

The time has come for Cowgirl's Kitchen to expand! 

Luckily, the recipes for our treats will be staying the same. I wanted to create a healthy alternative for horse treats, and I did just that! 

We appreciate your patience and loyalty.

We can't wait to be back, bigger and better than ever!

what makes cowgirl's Kitchen special?

Original Sugar Hearts

Handmade Sugar Heart toppers are the sweet kiss on top of a Cassino's Kisses Horse Treat. Made with natural food coloring and water. Sugar Hearts are offered in a variety of colors.

About Our Ingredients

Our Molasses Based Cookie batter is made in small batches to ensure a perfect cookie in each scoop. Using High End Ingredients, Cowgirl's Kitchen does not use any artificial ingredients or additives. Our treats are preserved using all natural dehydration method.

Making Medicine Time EZ-PZ

EZ-PZ Pockets is an innovative, low sugar treat with a compartment making giving medicine easier for you & more enjoyable for your horse. All you have to do is add in your horses medication, squeeze the semi-soft treat shut, and feed..it's THAT easy!

About Cowgirl's Kitchen

straight from the horses mouth

I cannot say enough good things about Cowgirl’s Kitchen!! The quality is the absolute best I’ve ever found, made with real human grade ingredients, and my horse goes crazy for these treats!! What more could you ask for?

Christina S.

These are the only treats that I give my horse that he actually nickers for more!! We love Cowgirls Kitchen horse treats!

Michelle L.

Hands down these are my horse's favorite treats! He's picky when it comes to treats, but these he just loves! Cowgirls Kitchen treats are always fresh and smell amazing. Definitely give you 5 Stars!

Kelsey J.

When you are able to actually see what ingredients are in your horses treats, it's the most comforting thing. Thank you for always making a healthy treat for my horses that I don't have to worry about!

Lauren S.

My horses went crazy for these treats! Even my 31 year old man who is extremely picky mauled me for more!!! You have a customer for life!

Becca M.

All of my horses LOVE Cowgirl’s Kitchen treats....but the EZ-PZ Pockets make giving pills a breeze! They think they are getting a cookie, and I get the piece of mind in knowing that they actually ate all of their medication.

Lisa R.

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